Gedicht - Raven
Naam: Wilf
Leeftijd: 48

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As i sail to your shores one last time, in a way, my Raven
Reading your beloved words,
I am, finally, no longer craving
for you. 

A raven scribed on my shoulder
- leftish
Visible to me in mirror only,
Remembering me of times when i felt you made me bolder, fairer, more lurid
A raven now close and yet remotely and appropriately
- coldish

It is not good yet,
So perhaps the lady is yet again to sing,
Like you,
I am however practicing the art of noninterference,
Feeling mental health is re-approaching, that suddenly feeble thing, Closing to a dull coherence

Not an ever and ever sight
In sight

Geplaatst op: 12 mei 2018 - 09:43

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